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Emachine 8800 mAh e625-5103 Laptop Battery High Quality Laptop Battery Certificates

This emachine e625-5103 laptop batteries was designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Replacement For emachine e625-5103 Laptop Battery [li-ion 11.1 V 8800 mAh]

Chemistry: li-ion : No memory effect.
Color: Black
Volts: 11.1 V
Capacity: 8800 mAh
Property: Replacement
Weight: 626.89g
Dimension: 208.25 x 44.95 x 29.91mm
Compatibility: 100% OEM compatible
Warranty 1 year warranty! 30 Day Refund!
Condition: Brand-New, Japan or Korea made grade A cells.

Battery Features

  1. Condition - Brand New, Never Used!
  2. Built-in Over-discharge short circuit protection.
  3. No memory effect and harmless stuff.
  4. 100% OEM compatible and stable performance.
  5. Warranty One year quality assurance, 30 days money back gurantee
  6. Emachine e625*5103 battery is 100% compatible with original equipment manufacturer.
  7. Lithium ion technology have a long life and light weight.
  8. We have great after sales service department for emachine e625-5103 batteries,fast respond to your request!
  9. Fast delivery to any country through USPS,Canada Post. Process orders within 24 hours including weekends and holidays.

Fits Laptop Models

Acer Notebook Models:

Aspire as5734z-453g32mn, aspire as5734z, aspire as5732z, aspire as5517-5700, aspire as5517-5535, aspire 7715g, aspire 5732zg-454g32mn, aspire 5732zg-443g25mi, aspire 5732zg-434g50mn, aspire 5732z-4234, aspire 5732g-443g25mn, aspire 5532-314g50mn, aspire 5516, aspire 5510, aspire 5332-313g32mn,
EMACHINE Notebook Models:

g627-314g32mi, g627-204g32mi, eme725-423g25mi, eme625-6c3g25mi, eme625-204g25gmi, eme527-2537, eme525-2200, eme525-2051, em725-432g25mi, em627-202g32mi, e627-203g25mi, e627-202g32mi, e625-6c3g25mi, e527-903g25mi, e527-902g25mi, e527-334g25mikk, e525-903g32mi, e525-903g16mi, e525-573g16mi, d725-441g32mi,
Gateway Notebook Models:

nv5942u, nv5936, nv5928u, nv5610u, nv5478u, nv5390u, nv5384u, nv5334u, id56, id 5821u,
PACKARD BELL Notebook Models:

Easynote tr87, easynote tr85, easynote tj72, easynote tj71-rb-050, easynote tj65-au-065, easynote tj63,

Battery Knowladge

  1. Do not modify or disassemble emachine e625-5103 battery.
  2. Do not drop, hit or otherwise abuse the battery as this may result in the exposure of the cell contents, which are corrosive.
  3. Higher Watt hours (Whr) or milliAmpere hour (mAH) on the same system under the same operating conditions means longer battery run time. For example, if you compare the same system, running the same applications, the emachine e625-5103 battery with 75Whr would provide approximately 37% more run time than the 53Whr Emachine battery.
  4. If you do not use your laptop for a long time, remove the emachine e625-5103 battery pack from the laptop.
  5. Don't leave your emachine e625 5103 battery inactive for extended periods of time. Even if you use AC power most of time, use the battery periodically to keep it in good condition. Unplug your AC adapter when the computer is not in use to prevent overcharging.
  6. New emachine e625-5103 battery comes in a unused condition, you should first fully discharge the capacity of the battery(let the laptop turn off auto). And then for 2~3 charge(suggest overnight) and discharge cycles before achieving maximum capacity.
  7. To get maximum performance from the battery, fully optimize the notebooks power management features prior to use.
  8. If you have 2 or more pack of battery, it's wise to discharge and then fully charge it on battery power once a week or so, just to keep the battery fresh conditions.
  9. As the rechargeable emachine e625-5103 battery begins to die, the user will notice a decline in the running time of the battery. When a emachine e625_5103 laptop battery that originally operated the notebook for two hours is only supplying the user with an hour's worth of use, it's time for a new one.

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