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Emachine 5200 mAh eme720-4691 Laptop Battery High Quality Laptop Battery Certificates

This emachine eme720-4691 laptop batteries was designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Replacement For emachine eme720-4691 Laptop Battery [li-ion 10.8 V 5200 mAh]

Chemistry: li-ion : No memory effect.
Color: Black
Volts: 10.8 V
Capacity: 5200 mAh
Property: Replacement
Weight: 322.78g
Dimension: 205.01 x 68.28 x 20.0mm
Compatibility: 100% OEM compatible
Warranty 1 year warranty! 30 Day Refund!
Condition: Brand-New, Japan or Korea made grade A cells.

Battery Features

  1. Condition - Brand New, Never Used!
  2. Built-in Over-discharge short circuit protection.
  3. No memory effect and harmless stuff.
  4. 100% OEM compatible and stable performance.
  5. Warranty One year quality assurance, 30 days money back gurantee
  6. 300 ~ 500 full discharge|charge times.
  7. 100% CE, UL Listed certification of Every emachine eme720-4691 Laptop Battery.
  8. Fast delivery to any country through USPS,Canada Post. Process orders within 24 hours including weekends and holidays.

Fits Laptop Models

Acer Notebook Models:

Travelmate tm7730g, travelmate 7730g-864g64bn, travelmate 7730-842g25n, travelmate 7730-6b2g16mn, travelmate 7530-602g25mi, travelmate 7330, extensa 7230, aspire as8943g, aspire as8940-6865, aspire as8730-6951, aspire as8730-6918, aspire as7738zg, aspire as7735z-4952, aspire as7735-4291, aspire as7730z, aspire as7730-4126, aspire as7540-5980, aspire as5942g-726g64wn, aspire as5942g-334g32bn, aspire as5942, aspire as5720-102g16mi, aspire 8942g-526g64bi, aspire 8930g-904g32bn, aspire 8930g-644g32mn, aspire 8930g, aspire 8930-6247, aspire 8730g-664g32bn, aspire 8730g, aspire 8530g-624g50mn, aspire 8530, aspire 7738g-734g50mn, aspire 7730g-844g100bn, aspire 7730-6542, aspire 7720z-4030, aspire 7720g-702g50hn, aspire 7720g-602g32n, aspire 7720g-302g32hi, aspire 7720g, aspire 7720-6794, aspire 7720-1a2g16mi, aspire 7540-1248, aspire 7535g-654g32mn, aspire 7530, aspire 7520-5626, aspire 7330, aspire 7220-101g08, aspire 6935g-944g32bn, aspire 6935-6117, aspire 6930g-b32, aspire 6930g-583g25bn, aspire 6930-6940, aspire 6930-6262, aspire 6920g-814g32bn, aspire 6920g-6710, aspire 6920-6141, aspire 6530g-802g32mn, aspire 5935g-644g32bn, aspire 5935, aspire 5922wlmi, aspire 5920g-932g25, aspire 5920g-102g16, aspire 5920g, aspire 5739g-754g50mn, aspire 5739g-654g32mn, aspire 5730z-323g32mi, aspire 5720g-602g16mi, aspire 5720-6661, aspire 5720-4353, aspire 5715z-4a1g16mi, aspire 5710g, aspire 5530g-703g32mi, aspire 5530-5041, aspire 5320-2968, aspire 5320-2647, aspire 5315-2768, aspire 5315-2290, aspire 5315-2093, aspire 5315-1a2g12mi, aspire 5310-301g08mi, aspire 5220g-501g25m,
EMACHINE Notebook Models:

g720-424g25mi, g720-343g25mi, emg620-602g12mi, emg520-572g16mi, eme720-343g25mi, eme520-572g25mi, e720-4574, e720-4179, e510-301g16mi, e510-1a2g12mi,
Gateway Notebook Models:

nv7925u, nv7901u, nv7801, mc73,
PACKARD BELL Notebook Models:

Easynote lj77, easynote lj73,

Battery Knowladge

  1. If you don't plan on using the battery for a month or more, we recommend storing it in a clean, dry, cool place away from heat and metal objects. Li-ion batteries will self-discharge during storage, remember to break them in before use.
  2. Don't store your laptop battery emachine eme720-4691 for long periods plugged into or attached to any power source, including AC adapters and laptop security carts plugged into an outlet;
  3. Emachine eme720-4691 laptop battery gets a little hot when it works, keep your laptop in a well ventilated place and keep it cool.
  4. If you do not use your laptop for a long time, remove the emachine eme720-4691 battery pack from the laptop.
  5. Laptop batteries are completely dischardged at the time of purchase and need a full charge before their first use.
  6. Don't setting your emachine eme720-4691 battery in the high humidity, high temperature, strong vibrative and dusty place.
  7. Please store laptop battery in a fully charged state and kept in a cool, dry and clean place.
  8. Don't leave your emachine eme720 4691 battery inactive for extended periods of time. Even if you use AC power most of time, use the battery periodically to keep it in good condition. Unplug your AC adapter when the computer is not in use to prevent overcharging.
  9. Short battery life is mainly cause by heat rather than charge and discharge patterns.
  10. Avoid short circuit of the terminals by keeping your emachine eme720-4691 battery pack away from metal objects such as necklaces or hairpins.
  11. Do not leave your battery dormant for long periods of time. We recommend using the battery at least once every three to four weeks. If a emachine eme720-4691 battery has not been used for a long period of time, perform the new battery break in procedure described above.

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